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See the NATRC National website for details. Have some questions? Check in with Linda Thomason, our Outreach / New Rider Coordinator.

NATRC Region 1 consists of Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska and part of Nevada. So, if you love trail riding, would like to meet more people who share your passion, and you live in Region 1, or are within commuting distance - come join us!

If you'd like to interact with NATRC riders (and prospective NATRC riders!), take a look at our Facebook page and join our CTR discussion group on Facebook. The conversations are wide-ranging and the participants run from trail riding newbies to old hands.

Fall Fiesta NATRC

Our goals for our website are to keep our members informed about NATRC Region 1 activities, and to keep us all motivated to get out and ride. So, if you're looking for the next NATRC ride, go to the Ride Schedule page, where our 2019 rides are listed along with contact information to get signed up. If you want to get in touch with fellow trail riders even before you join us for a ride, take a look at the Region 1 CTR (Competitive Trail Riding) discussion group on Facebook. And if you're stuck at the office and trying to remember how you feel when you're riding, check out our Stories & Articles page, where we have links to

  • Region 1 ride stories,
  • "Reprints" of interesting articles,
  • Tips for first time riders,
  • Archives of Leadline, the Region 1 newsletter, and
  • PDFs of NATRC documents that riders might want to refer to, such as the Rule Book, and
  • a link to the Membership Form!
The Judge's Corner is an opportunity for our Region 1 judges to explain mystery rules, answer questions we forgot to ask at the rides, discuss concerns about current horse/horsemanship trends, offer praise, and generally share their expertise to better care for our mounts. The Gallery has pictures from rides over the past several years. And the Links page provides links to the NATRC National website and the sites of the other regions, as well as to the sites of our sponsors. And Region 1 tries to encourage new riders and recognize consistent, long term horses and horse/rider teams - here's a link to our Region 1 special awards and their recipients. Finally, if there's something that we didn't cover, please contact us!

And if you've just discovered NATRC riding, and are wondering if it's the right thing for you, that same Stories & Articles page has a "New Riders" section to provide answers to some questions, links to information for first time riders, and first-ride stories on the web.

Come Ride with Us!

Region 1 News

Cowboy Camp Photos!

Photos from the rescheduled Cowboy Camp ride are out. The ride turned out well: the trails were dry but there was plenty of water for the horses in the multiple stream crossings, and the temps on ride-days were substantially below the prediction - you know, almost survivable. Take a look and start packing for Eel River!

New Leadline Released

The Spring edition of Leadline, the official newsletter of Region 1, is available here. Check out the year-end awards photos. And my favorite read was Sheila's epic story about putting on a clinic!

R1 Benefit Silent Auction!

Tammy Brown has donated a new Carri-Lite Corral as a silent auction item for our Region. The corral was purchased two years ago and is still in its boxes. The unit includes eight panels, eight anchoring rods, velcro straps, and trailer attachment brackets. Carri - Lite says that it's made of "high impact engineering grade HDPE resin," and that it can take more abuse than aluminum or steel panels.

The retail price of the corral is $749.99. The current bid is $300. You can make a bid here. The bidding is open until Tuesday, May 14th. Good luck!

Leisure Division Rides

Several of our two-day events are offering our new Leisure Division rides. These are 8 - 12 mile rides set up to cover the basics of the NATRC experience - vetting in/out, map reading, P&Rs, maintaining a pace - without the distance. If you just want to find out what NATRC riding is like, or you have a young (or older!) horse that you don't want to stress with a long ride, the Leisure Division might be for you. Take a look at the Ride Schedule to see which rides are offering the Leisure Division.

And here are some photos from the 2018 mini-convention, just so you remember what your pals look like when they're not on a horse!

Region 1 Convention & Awards Breakfast, Reno, March 10

We are holding our convention and awards breakfast this year in conjunction with the AERC and NATRC Region 2, in Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. The AERC convention which features a great line-up of speakers and an irresistable trade show, will be on Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9. We can attend the presentations for the same price as AERC members and, of course, we'll be welcome to shop at the trade show. Our R1 and R2 combined Awards Breakfast will be on the morning of Sunday, 10 March. Information and registration forms are here.

New Leadline Released

The Fall/Winter edition of Leadline, the official newsletter of Region 1, is available here. Check out the year-end standings for 2018.

2019 Ride Schedule

The Region 1 2019 Ride Schedule. is up - check it out. The first event is a NATRC clinic for people who are interested in NATRC, but not quite sure what they'd be getting into.

Cowboy Camp Photos are Up!

Photos from the 2018 Cowboy Camp ride are here. It was supposed to be really warm, but it was actually fairly mild, the flowers were still out, and the hills were challenging. Great ride. This was our first "C" (intro) ride and it went off really well!

New Leadline Available!

Keep up with the latest Region 1 news, stories, and ride updates - the new Leadline, our official newsletter, is out and you can read it here.

Photos from 2018 Mini-Convention


See you on the trail!