Horses And Cars

by By Karlie Johnson and Jodie Nelson, Region 1

Have you ever wondered how horses and cars are similar? Well let us tell you.

Turn Signals

First of all a car has a gas tank and horse has one too. A horse's gas tank is their stomach, where you put the gas in is through their mouth. Also they both have oil leaks. When an oil leak happens a horse urinates, that is their form of an oil leak. Another thing is that they both have to stop at pit stops. A horse's pit stop is the P&R stop, they make sure that our horses are running right.

Saddles and Seats

Did you also notice that they boy have seats? (also known as the saddle). The both have decorations too, like the forelock which is like something you hang off your rearview mirror, and the breast collar is like a bumper cover. Another thing is their ears. They are like your mirrors for looking behind you. The ears rotate to where they hear something. Horses also need energy like a car. For their energy they eat hay or grass and drink water.

Breast Collars and Bumper Covers

One last thing is that they both have a strong engine. A car's is metal, where a horse's is their heart. Oh sorry, actually one more thing. Your horse can be a pain in the butt which is like a stick shift or it can be an angel which is like an automatic. For a stickshift you use your crop to change gears. I guess a horse is an eco-friendly car.

Ears and Mirrors


To see more photos illustrating Karlie and Jodie's point, go to the Jackson Forest 2011 Photo Album.