Emma McCrary

Emma in 2003

Emma McCrary's Memorial Service was held on Saturday, July 30, on her home property, where so many of her trails started. The Memorial was truly a celebration of Emma's approach to life, with her husband, Bud, her children, grandchildren, cousins, brothers, aunts, and friends, all giving us different views of a passionate, kind, and approachable woman who continuously contributed to her family and community throughout her life. Her horses featured in *all* the stories told. In addition to the memorials, Emma was also identified as a Distinguished Californian by the California State Legislature, and a representative made the presentation to Emma's family.

The formation of The Emma McCrary Trailblazer Fund was also announced. This fund is for the support and maintenance of the trails in the California State Parks system that Emma worked on, including trails in Big Basin Redwoods, Henry Cowell Redwoods, Wilder Ranch, and Ano Nuevo State Parks. All work will be performed by volunteers under guidance of State Park staff.

The fund was seeded by a generous contribution from Diane Porter Cooley, and further donations can be made by sending a check to Mountain Parks Foundation Trailblazer Fund, 525 N. Big Trees Park Rd., Felton, CA 95018 - be sure to write "Trailblazer Fund" on your check - or by phone at (831) 335-3174. All donations are tax deductable.

Emma at the Almaden NATRC, 2005

Do you have memories of the Swanton NATRC for an "Emma Tribute" book?

The following is from Betty Young:

Hi Everybody,

I would like to request your help in putting together a small booklet that I've tentatively titled "Special Memories of Emma McCrary and the Swanton NATRC Ride." I believe that Swanton, over the years, created more memories in riders' minds than any other Region 1 ride. If you ever attended the ride, either as a competitor or as a volunteer, could you please take the time to recollect your favorite and most special memories, of Emma personally or of the ride itself, and write them up (as briefly as possible). I would be most grateful for whatever you would like to share. I will be including each person's "byline", unless you request that I not do so.

I plan to have this project compiled and printed in time for our 2012 Awards presentation and will need everything by the end of this year.

My email address is: pbyoung@sunset.net

My snail mail address is:

674 La Porte Road,

Quincy, CA 95971

Thanks so much for any contribution you wish to send me.

Betty Young